The Rescue of King Magnus

Session 003

The group has rescued Magnus. Upon the discovery of the king’s cell Pollax, Balasar and Castor happened upon another lost soul by the name of Thaddeus, a tiefling warlock. Armed with Eldritch powers and a certain sense of vulgarity about him, he has agreed to join the party’s quest for fame and gold.

During the rescue, the adventurers did battle with several goblins and a Troll. Castor was able to inform the group of the proper way to kill a troll with his unnaturally high knowledge of Trolls and their migratory habits. Within a few minutes the group had silenced all monsters in the Tower.

Bidding Costner, the guardian of the tower adieu, they PCs returned to Emneth to claim their reward. After some shrewd negotiations on Thaddeus’ part, the group was rewarded 65gp each for his rescue. The king asked them to carry an important parcel to Aalden to deliver it to Conrad Drake, a name none of them have heard before. Magnus assures them that Conrad will locate them if they can get to the Ruddy Knave, a tavern they are all-too familiar with.

...To Be Continued…



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