The Rescue of King Magnus

Session 001 (9/20/2008)

From Aalden to Emneth

The Angerthirst brothers found themselves in one of the taverns in the crime-ridden city of Aalden called The Ruddy Knave. The tavern was extremely busy so the serving wench seated a dragonborn stranger at their table due to overcrowding. The brothers were displeased at first, but the dragonborn, named Balasar, proved helpful when a group of thugs picked a fight with the three of them later that evening.

The three were hauled off to jail without a chance to explain that they were attacked at random. Awoken the next day, a guard named Gregory escorted them to the outskirts of the city, harassing them all the way. The three were informed that they would be killed if they were discovered in Aalden again. En route to the city gates, a nervous little man wearing crimson robes handed Balasar a note, which turned out to be a request for help from a certain King Magnus of a town called Emneth. The note included a map to show our heroes the way.

The group decided to accept the challenge, and prospect of gold and adventure by heading to Emneth which is a few days journey along the North Highway from Aalden. After a quiet three days they approached Emneth in the early evening. As they drew nearer to the city, they noticed that the gate was closed and Emneth appeared to be on high security alert with patrols circling the city walls. They are met by the captain of the guard, named Enigk and one such patrol.

After a short discussion about the party’s intentions Enigk invites the group into Emneth with the intention of outfitting them to venture into the centuries abandoned tower to the East of Emneth. As the gate is being raised a band of goblins led by two powerful bugbears attacks the guard and the heroes. Enigk’s lost three of his four soldiers, but the heroes, Enigk and his remaining mage survive and head into the city as the summer sun sets on the cold stone walls of Emneth.



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